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Hotel Carlton on the Grand Canal
Hotel Carlton on the Grand Canal
Christmas 2013 in Venice

Christmas 2013 in Venice

How about going on a nice vacation this year to look for the magic of Christmas? Now, you may ask: “but where can we still find it?” But in Venice, of course! Where else? Here time seems to stand still , keeping all the magic of Christmas intact!

You will discover the wonder of strolling in the evening through the enlightened streets of Venice. They shine in a festive blaze of lights during the December holidays! The city squares host the wooden houses and the market stalls of the traditional Christmas Markets. In a cheerful atmosphere you will find all the gifts you may want to take back to your friends, all the Christmas decorations you need and all the sweets you love most.

As every year, we, at the Hotel Carlton on the Grand Canal, offer to our customers a Christmas Eve dinner and a Christmas Day lunch. We love Christmas so much that we usually start preparing for it very early. But it is never the same because every year we add some details to make your Christmas in Venice a truly memorable experience. We usually have lots of fun because we always invent something new, something different, something special!

For those who are looking for new ideas for Christmas, for those who have not forgotten the magic of Christmas and for the child in you who still believes in Santa Claus.

The Hotel Carlton on the Grand Canal is the perfect choice.

Merry Christmas!