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Hotel Carlton on the Grand Canal
Hotel Carlton on the Grand Canal
No Touching! Social distancing and safety

No Touching! Social distancing and safety

How life has changed in time of social distancing and Covid19 


No touching! Social Distancing in time of Covid19

The pandemic has radically changed the relationship we have with ourselves and the other people. Outside our home we no longer touch anything and if we do, we immediately try to wash or disinfect our hands thoroughly. With a little embarrassment mixed with fear we try to avoid many daily gestures that until recently came spontaneously. Door handles, handrails, bus or vaporetto seats, we barely touch them, only if necessary, with our hands covered by one-use gloves.
We observe social distancing that keeps us carefully away from other people and safe from possible infections.
But how much we miss touching!
We miss to touch the persons who do not live in our house, to touch our friends, our relatives, with a caress, a pat on the shoulder, a hug!
And the objects and everything that is outside our home. The pleasure of feeling under our fingertips the porous marble of the handrail of the bridges, or the smooth one of the lions in St. Mark square, the cold of the iron at the bow of the gondolas, the warm and solid wood of the oars. Gestures that perhaps we didn’t usually do even before, but just because we can’t do them anymore, we miss them to death….
How will our life change when the lockdown ends but we still cannot be sure that the virus has been totally eradicated?
Surely, we will have to think of measures and rules that allow us to move and interact in total safety.
Our hotel will be more attentive to the sanitization of all the rooms and common areas, to the reorganization of spaces to allow guests maintain the adequate distance, to the preparation of food which will be protected and certified.
We are working on this to organize and implement all the necessary measures and to be ready as soon as it will be possible to travel again.
In the meantime #staysafestayhome
In the picture “Support” by Lorenzo Quinn – Biennale of Venice 2017