Del 28 octubre 2010 al 27 febrero 2011


This exhibition held in Palazzo Zabarella in Padua, just a short train ride (30 min. only) from Venice, is the first to be dedicated to the extraordinary vicissitudes of the portrait, a painting genre that was traditionally considered to be minor but which, during the Nineteenth Century, was able to interpret the multiple aspects of that century with greater intensity than the more important genres such as historical and religious painting. It thus became the mirror of a history and humanity undergoing profound changes.
Canova and Modigliani, two internationally renowned protagonists but with absolutely different personalities, open and close this passionate tale in paintings in which both great names in history and the anonymous extras of a domestic epic appear. Painted and sculptured, of individuals and groups, with or without a setting, celebrative or introspective, these portraits all evoke the changes and restlessness of a society undergoing rapid transformation, interpreting the expectations of a country that was achieving political unity for the very first time. However, above all they also represent decisive changes in style, the artists’ efforts to become more modern, to testify reality in its incessant transformation from a new perspective.

From October 2nd, 2010 till February 27th, 2011
Palazzo Zabarella, via san Francesco, 27 - Padova
tel. 049 8753100
fax  049 8752959 


Del 12 octubre 2010 al 31 octubre 2010


The Poetics of Written Space – Handwriting and calligraphy
Venice, Museo Correr
from october 2, 2010 to october 31, 2010

Museo Correr and the Fondazione Musei Civici Veneziani propose an educational itinerary through handwriting which is the synthesis of both traditional and contemporary visual communication.

The exhibition, presented by Monica Dengo, includes handwritten documents from the Museum Correr Library, in particular materials documenting the private and daily use of handwriting over the centuries, along with contemporary artworks of art that have in common the practice of writing by hand as image, bundle of written marks capable of communicating per se.

The show is organized in four parts:

- Historical: manuals, letters and private documents with handwritings from the 1500′s to the 1900′s from the Correr Museum;

- Contemporary: artworks on paper and artist’s books by contemporary artists working with Western, Islamic and Eastern calligraphy. Artists: Kitty Sabatier (France), Benno Aumann (Italy-Germany), Satsuki Hatsushima (England-Japan), Adriana Seri (Italy), Xin Ye (France-China). Hassan Massoudy (France-Iraq), Torsten Kolle (Germany), Mari Bohley (Germany), Cinzia Ruggieri (Italy), Birgit Nass (Germany), Ewan Clayton (England), Brody Neuenshwander (Belgium-USA), Carlo Buffa (Italy), Monica Dengo (Italy-USA), Akar Abdallah (France-Tunisia), Laurent Rebena (France), Michaela Keller (Switzerland), Norio Nagayama (Italy-Japan), Dominique Pinchi (France-Italy);

- Installation by Monica Dengo: I invite you to make the text your own.Text to touch, smell, listen and feel.

- Workshop: The works of students participating in the calligraphy workshop, held by Monica Dengo, will be exhibited in the show.


Del 23 septiembre 2010 al 2 octubre 2010


27 world premieres, 15 Italian premieres, 77 composers, 31 events including concerts, installations, audio-visual performances, choral music as well as workshops, seminars, meetings throughout the entire ten-day program, from September 23 to October 2 in Venice: these are the figures behind the 54th International Festival of Contemporary Music, titled Don Giovanni and the man of stone, and directed by Luca Francesconi.

In continuity with the commitment of the Biennale di Venezia towards the younger generations, the Music Festival will become the stage for prestigious groups but also for young and very young professional ensembles, such as MDI, the two wind and percussion ensembles from the Malmö Music Academy, and L’arsenale, that was asked to perform one of the most important pieces in the history of the Festival, Quando stanno morendo. Diario polacco n.2 by Luigi Nono, presented at the 1982 Music Biennale. This is the reason why the Festival promotes opportunities to discover and encourage the talent of the new generations, and has invited student artists and musicians – from the Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello and the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice – to measure their skills and stimulate their creative originality in contact with the professional world of composers, singers, choirs, musicians, actors, set designers and directors, all involved in producing the inaugural event, Don Giovanni a Venezia.

Titled Don Giovanni and the man of stone, the Festival refers not only to the famous opera by Mozart, but to one of the central myths of western culture, the myth of Don Giovanni: within the conflict between human finiteness and its aspiration to eternity, between the body and the spirit, reverberates the relationship between the immortality of the work of art and the inexorable breath of time, between the written and the oral, between tradition and modernity. These themes weave through the 54th International Festival of Contemporary Music and find their synthesis in the opening event, the opera-installation Don Giovanni a Venezia.

Del 28 agosto 2010 al 15 octubre 2010


Japanese advertising graphics has a time-honoured, inventive and rich tradition, unlike that of any other country. On this premise, in the St. Marks’ Square Gallery, the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation is hosting the exhibition GRAPHIC DESIGN FROM JAPAN. 100 POSTERS 2001-2010. One hundred posters, selected from amongst the thousands of works submitted each year for the most prestigious awards, representing the best of Japanese graphics over the last ten years.

The tragedy of Hiroshima and of Nagasaki is remembered annually and with a great sense of responsibility by the major Japanese graphic designers with a series of posters entitled “Hiroshima Appeals”, one of the most significant awareness-raising campaigns in the sphere of graphic art. Some of these posters, the most representative ones from the last ten years, have been selected for the exhibition in memory of the thousands of direct and indirect victims of the explosion of the two atomic bombs.

The exhibition, featuring the most significant works produced over the last ten years both by great masters and more recent artists of promise, includes posters selected by a committee made up of two contemporary masters of graphic art, Kazumasa Nagai and Shin Matsunaga, in collaboration with the International Hokusai Research Centre, and are representative of the works produced by Tokyo’s main associations of graphic designers and art directors, such as the Art Directors’ Club (ADC), the Japan Grafic Designers’ Association (JAGDA) and the Type Directors Club (TDC). The initiative thus becomes a compendium not only of Japanese graphic creativity but also of the long and fruitful working relationship and cultural promotion established between Italy and Japan in this field for over thirty

Del 24 septiembre 2010 al 26 septiembre 2010


After the success of the previous edition, the Flight Show-Festival of the Air is back again. The Expo Venice society, with the support of Prima Aviation, is proposing 3 days, from the 24th until the 26th of September, at Nicelli Airport, a programme chock-full of events.

Along with the exhibition areas and meetings, there will be the thrilling air show called Air Extreme, in which some of the best European pilots will execute flips and daring maneuvres, exciting the public and competing against each other in the freestyle tournament. What is more, on this special occasion, Nicelli Airport at Lido di Venezia will be open to General Aviation traffic and to ULM.

Del 1 enero 2010 al 31 diciembre 2010


La ópera “El Barbero de Sevilla” de Gioachino Rossini será una de las obras que se estrenarán en la temporada 2010-2011 en el Grand Teatro La Fenice de Venecia. La fecha prevista para la representación es el día 11 de febrero 2010.

En total se representarán 9 óperas, un espectáculos de danza, 16 conciertos sinfónicos.

Entre los proyectos especiales se destacan las propuestas para la ciudad, el Premio Fundación Amigos del Teatro La Fenice y el Carnaval del Gran Teatro La Fenice con la celebración del Gran Baile della Cavalchina. El 13 de febrero tendrá lugar el inusual acontecimiento, en una noche mágica con música, bailes, actuaciones estelares y sorpresas. Naturalmente, todos los asistentes irán vestidos con los tradicionales trajes de época del siglo XVIII veneciano. En la Sala Apollinee, que exhibe los más bellos frescos de La Fenice, habrá un gran bufé durante toda la noche.

Al Teatro se llega facilmente con la lancha de pasajeros de la línea 1, que une la estación de tren y la terminal para automóviles de Piazzale Roma con el Canal Grande. Se desciende en la parada de Santa María del Giglio, a muy poca distancia.

Información Fest srl – Fenice Servizi Teatrali
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Call Center HelloVenezia
Tfno. 041 2424


Del 11 diciembre 2009 al 12 diciembre 2009



La banda de Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, Ian Paice, Steve Morse y Don Airey – los Deep Purple – vuelven con seis nuevas fechas en Italia, después de los grandes conciertos sold-out de la anterior gira. Los Deep Purple es una de las mayores hard rock band que jamás han existido y tienen en su haber un repertorio inmortal integrado por canciones como la mítica “Smoke on the Water” y la legendaria “Highway Star”.
Despues 40 años de su primer álbum “Shades Of Deep Purple” la banda demonstra una vitalidad y una energía que el tiempo no logra menoscabar.
Los virtuosismos y las capacidades técnicas de la banda junto a los ritmos clásicos del rock y del blues, son la marca de fábrica que los ha hecho entrar en la historia del rock.

Palasport Jesolo
Viale del Bersagliere
30016 Lido di Jesolo VE

Inicio del evento 21.00 horas

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Del 25 septiembre 2009 al 3 octubre 2009


La Bienal de Venecia del 25 septiembre al 3 de octubre de 2009 albergará el 53 Festival Internacional de Música Contemporánea: 11 días durante los cuales asistiremos a un programa prolijo y de una calidad excepcional: 73 compositores en un total de 87 conciertos, con grandes grupos instrumentales, orquestas, solistas y encuentros, seminarios y talleres.

Il Corpo del Suono es el título que el nuevo director Luca Francescani ha elegido para el Festival: autores jóvenes y de la generación intermedia, desconocidos o consolidados, irán de la mano de grandes maestros que han dejado su impronta en la música del s. XX y XXI.

Muchos de los conciertos y de las citas del programa de esta 52ª edición del Festival se celebrarán en las salas del teatro La Fenice . Otros dos teatros estarán también presentes durante el transcurso de este evento: Teatro Piccolo Arsenale, Teatro alle Tese.

El programa:

  • Viernes 25/09/2009
    Horario 17.00:   ORCHESTRA J FUTURA Teatro alle Tese – Terza Tesa VENEZIA – VE
  • Viernes 25/09/2009
    Horario 20.00:   ORCHESTRA SINFONICA TEATRO LA FENICE Nuovo Teatro La Fenice VENEZIA – VE
  • Sabado 26/09/2009
    Horario 18.00:   QUARTETTO ARDITTI Teatro Piccolo Arsenale VENEZIA – VE
  • Sabado 26/09/2009
    Horario 20.00:   OSLO SINFONIETTA Teatro alle Tese – Terza Tesa VENEZIA – VE
  • Domingo 27/09/2009
    Horario 15.00:    QUARTETTO D’ARCHI TEATRO LA FENICE Sale Apollinee del Teatro La Fenice VENEZIA – VE
  • Domingo 27/09/2009
    Horario 18.00:   SINOPOLI CHAMBER ORCHESTRA Teatro Piccolo Arsenale VENEZIA – VE
  • Domingo  27/09/2009
    Horario 20.00:    ORCHESTRA SINFONICA NAZIONALE RAI Teatro alle Tese – Terza Tesa VENEZIA – VE
  • Lunes 28/09/2009
    Horario 18.00:   ENSEMBLE SPECTRA Teatro Piccolo Arsenale VENEZIA – VE
  • Lunes 28/09/2009
    Horario 20.00:  ORCHESTRA SINFONICA NAZIONALE RAI Teatro alle Tese – Terza Tesa VENEZIA – VE
  • Martes 29/09/2009
    Horario 18.00:   MANDOLINI POULIN Teatro Piccolo Arsenale VENEZIA – VE
  • Martes 29/09/2009
    Horario 20.00:  ORCHESTRA SINFONICA TEATRO LA FENICE Teatro alle Tese – Terza Tesa VENEZIA – VE
  • Martes 29/09/2009
    Horario 22.00:   MANDOLINI POULIN Teatro Piccolo Arsenale VENEZIA – VE
  • Miercoles 30/09/2009
    Horario 18.00:   FONTANAMIX Teatro alle Tese – Quarta Tesa VENEZIA – VE
  • Miercoles 30/09/2009
    Horario 21.00:   ORCHESTRA DI PADOVA E DEL VENETO Teatro alle Tese – Terza Tesa VENEZIA – VE
  • Jueves 01/10/2009
    Horario 21.00:  AURA Teatro Goldoni VENEZIA – VE
  • Viernes 02/10/2009
    Horario 18.00:   MITTELEUROPA ORCHESTRA Teatro alle Tese – Terza Tesa VENEZIA – VE
  • Viernes 02/10/2009
    Horario 20.00:   CARMEN LINARES Teatro alle Tese – Quarta Tesa VENEZIA – VE
  • Sabado 03/10/2009
    Horario 18.00:   EXIT 02 Teatro alle Tese – Terza Tesa VENEZIA – VE


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Del 25 octubre 2009 al 25 octubre 2009


Domingo 25 de octubre 2009
El Maratón de Venecia, que alcanza su 24ª edición, dará comienzo a las 9:15 en Stra, en la Riviera del Brenta, famosa por las antigas villas solariegas venecianas. El recorrido atraversia despues Mestre y el gigantesco Parco San Giuliano para llegar mas adelante, a través del Puente de la Libertà, en la magnifica Venecia. Asi el spectaculo es garantizado: la laguna de Venecia y la atmosfera ùnica de la ciudad ¡ Los atletas, atraversando el Gran Canal por un puente flotante construido específicamente para el maratón, pasan junto a la Plaza de San Marco y al Palacio Ducal y llegan a su meta en Riva Sette Martiri. venice_marathon_2009
A.S.D. Venicemarathon Club
Via Linghindal 5/5 – 30172 Venezia Mestre
Tel. +39 041 5321871

Del 6 septiembre 2009 al 6 septiembre 2009


Domingo, 6 septiembre
Todos los años, el primer domingo de septiembre se desarolla a Venecia la Regata Histórica: una reevocación espectacular que reproduce las coloridas embarcaciones venecianas del siglo XVI. Es una reconstrucion de la llegada a Venecia de Caterina Cornaro, la reina de Chipre, que marcó el comienzo del dominio de la Serenissima sobre la isla del Mediterráneo.
El Desfile comienza con el paso del característico Bucintoro, la galea de estado de los dogos de Venecia y, a continuación, desfilan las Bissone, embarcaciones de guerra veloces y con muchas decoraciones, y las barcas de las asociaciones venecianas de remo.
Tras el desfile comienza el momento más esperado del día: la competición de remo al estilo véneto. Los espectadores presencian el acontecimiento con pasión, amontonados en las orillas, en las tribunas flotantes o en las embarcaciones que bordean el Canal Grande, animando y apoyando a sus benjamines, mientras las embarcaciones multicolor desfilan rápidamente.
La Regata Histórica es una de las fiestas más espectaculares y conocidas de Venecia y fascina y emociona tanto a los turistas como a los venecianos.

City of Venice
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San Marco 1529 – Venice
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