Del 28 agosto 2010 al 15 octubre 2010


Japanese advertising graphics has a time-honoured, inventive and rich tradition, unlike that of any other country. On this premise, in the St. Marks’ Square Gallery, the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation is hosting the exhibition GRAPHIC DESIGN FROM JAPAN. 100 POSTERS 2001-2010. One hundred posters, selected from amongst the thousands of works submitted each year for the most prestigious awards, representing the best of Japanese graphics over the last ten years.

The tragedy of Hiroshima and of Nagasaki is remembered annually and with a great sense of responsibility by the major Japanese graphic designers with a series of posters entitled “Hiroshima Appeals”, one of the most significant awareness-raising campaigns in the sphere of graphic art. Some of these posters, the most representative ones from the last ten years, have been selected for the exhibition in memory of the thousands of direct and indirect victims of the explosion of the two atomic bombs.

The exhibition, featuring the most significant works produced over the last ten years both by great masters and more recent artists of promise, includes posters selected by a committee made up of two contemporary masters of graphic art, Kazumasa Nagai and Shin Matsunaga, in collaboration with the International Hokusai Research Centre, and are representative of the works produced by Tokyo’s main associations of graphic designers and art directors, such as the Art Directors’ Club (ADC), the Japan Grafic Designers’ Association (JAGDA) and the Type Directors Club (TDC). The initiative thus becomes a compendium not only of Japanese graphic creativity but also of the long and fruitful working relationship and cultural promotion established between Italy and Japan in this field for over thirty