From 5 October 2010 to 11 January 2011


In the beautiful island of Murano, at the Glass Museum, an extraordinary exhibition is taking place, including around a hundred famous works by Ermanno Nason (born in Murano, 1928), the great glass maker maestro and member of a family that has played an important parti in every stage of the history of Murano from the XVII century to today.
A favourite with the artists of Egidio Costantini’s “La Fucina defli Angeli“, Ermanno Nason has worked together with Pablo Picasso, Jean Cocteau, March Chagall, Max Ernst, Hans Arp, Kokoshka, Nag Arnoldi, Borsi, Jean Le Witt, Fred Fay, Krayer, Antonio Motika and Bergamini, Guttuso, Braque, Verde, Hundertwasser, Fontana, Pignon, Bellini, Minguzzi, Goldoni, Carraro, Fulvio Bianconi, transforming their projects into glass in innovative and unusual forms, achieving outstanding results with his “a massello” production, created by shaping glass as an incandescent mass.
Unrivalled in the history of glass making on Murano, his glass sculptures display a sensitivity that is sincere and convinced (and therefore convincing) towards the modern, abstract and informal.

Murano, Glass Museum
Fondamenta Giustinian, 8
opening times: 10-18 (from 01 november 10-17)
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